Scan And Delete Unused

Clean your PC and remove browser search history and cookies.
Piriform Ltd.
G-Lock Temp Cleaner
With G-Lock Temp Cleaner we can scan and delete all the temporary files.
G-Lock Software
iSysCleaner will delete temporary and unused files from your disks.
Matteo Turconi

Scan and Delete Unused

Unused Account Ferret
Unused Account Ferret helps network administrators to identify and remove unused user and computer a......
Sweep away all unused and temporary files from your system!
ImVajra Spyware Remover
It will scan and delete any spyware and add-on we have in our computer.
ImVajra Software Studio
Visual Code Scan 6
Scan Visual Basic 6 projects for dead code, unused variables, and misspellings.
Windswept Software
Garbage Finder
Garbage Finder keeps your disk clean and deletes unused files.
KC Softwares KCleaner
Straightforward utility to remove any junk files and recover useful free space.
KC Softwares
AVS Registry Cleaner
AVS Registry Cleaner optimizes system’s performance.
Online Media Technologies Ltd.
AusLogics Registry Cleaner
Repairs your system registry to regain its old speed and stability.
PC Desktop Cleaner
Clean your desktop from unused files.
Optimize your system so your computer and programs start and run faster.
Symantec Corporation

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Scan and Delete Unused

Find Unused Files Software
Search folders or drives for unused files.
Entrust Cache - Backup and Delete
Transport Canada
Registry Clean Master
Scan your system's registry and delete unused entries easily with this program.
UnfailingSoft inc.
Delete Files Older Than
Helps you to delete unused files that you no longer need.
PCMate Free Empty Folder Delete
Free empty folder removal software to scan & delete empty folders from your PC.
PCMateFreeSystemCare Inc.
PCTuneUp Free Empty Folder Delete
Scan the whole computer to locate all empty folder & delete them.
PCTuneUp, Inc.